Conference Hall

15:00 – 17:00
ROUND TABLE: “Industrial Hemp: A Resource for the Environment”

Moderated by Chiara Lo Cascio, business dev. consultant and CEO of Zia Maria.


  • Rachele Invernizzi, CEO of South Hemp, vice president of Federcanapa

“The Industrial Hemp in 360-degree”

  • Virginia Avallone, Head of the 3D printer project in Codeway SA

“3D printing with Kanèsis filaments”

  • Paolo Rocchetti, Founder of Equilibrium

“Green building: why build and renovate with hemp and lime”

  • Elena Grandi, Vice-President of Municipality 1 of the Municipality of Milan and Councilor for Green Environment Urban Furniture Casa Demanio

“The hemp supply chain: a significant opportunity for sustainable development for our country”

12.30 – 14.00 SHOW COOKING: “Hemp Superfood – The Nutraceutical Properties of the Kitchen based on Hemp” by Marco Cartechini.
15.00 – 17.00 ROUND TABLE: “The current legislation and future prospects”

Moderated by Chiara Lo Cascio, business dev. consultant and CEO of Zia Maria. Speakers:

  • Avv. Carlo Alberto Zaina & Avv. Giacomo Bulleri

“The relationship between 242/16 and 309/90: interpretation of the legislation in force”

  • Alfonso Gallo, hemp and cannabinoid sector manager of the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Southern Italy

“Legality and quality controls. Current situation and future prospects”

  • Edgardo Viera De Manicor, Ecocanapa professional agronomist

“Quality production of inflorescences without contaminating residues”

  • Stefano Zanda, Vice President Canapa Sativa Italy

“Regulatory developments and updating of hearings in the Parliament of CSI”

  • Marta Lispi, Pres. Ass. PiantaGran SocialClub and Referent Cannabis Social Forum

“Growing situation in 2018 and prospects for the 2019 sector”

12.30 – 14.00
ROUND TABLE: “Cultivation and Active Principles”

Moderated by Chiara Lo Cascio, business dev. consultant and CEO of Zia Maria.


  • Alex Mannarelli, CE.O. of CBD Partners srls

“Terpeni: The Base of Everything”

  • Giuseppe Nicosia. Botanist, zoologist and activist, Francesco Scopelliti of Mary Moonlight

“Investing in Cannabis: laws, markets and production.”

  • Franco Casalone. Italian activist and antiprohibitionist historian.

“Hemp is to the vegetable kingdom as man is to the animal kingdom.

  •  Mica Renquist, Cannabis Engineer, The Indoor Farmer 

What is a Cannabis Engineer and how can they lead  your project to success? 

15.00 – 18.00
ROUND TABLE: “Cannabis Therapeutics: A Resource for Health”

Moderated by Chiara Lo Cascio, business dev. consultant and CEO of Zia Maria.


  • Carlo Monaco, President of the Canapa Coffee Association.

“The situation of patients and the bill in the Senate”

  • Marco Ternelli, Pharmacist, specializes in the galenic practice of Medicinal Cannabis

“Cannabis therapeutic in Pharmacy: legal and amazing drug”

  • Lorenzo Calvi, Surgeon, specialist in anesthesia, resuscitation, pain therapy and ethnopharmacology.

“Updates on the medical prescription of cannabis in Italy”

  • Simone Fagherazzi, Surgeon

“Cannabis in allopathy and tradition: therapeutic syncretism for a Harmonic Health”

  • Lello Ciampolillo, Spokesperson in the Senate of the 5 Star MoVement

“Four Plants for Care”

  • Barbara Bonvicini, President of Italian Radicals and collaborator of Councilor Michele Usuelli

“Cannabis is good for politics”



Alfonso Gallo

Giuseppe Nicosia

Simone Fagherazzi

Alex Mannarelli

Lello Ciampolillo

Stefano Zanda

Carlo Alberto Zaina

Lorenzo Calvi

Barbara Bonvicini

Elena Grandi

Giacomo Bulleri

Virginia Avallone

Carlo Monaco

Rachele Invernizzi

Marco Ternelli

Chiara Lo Cascio

Marta Lispi

Edgardo Vieira De Manicor

Franco Casalone

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