Find out how to participate in the official competition of the 4.20 Hemp Fest.

It is the perfect opportunity to introduce new products to the market and to reach a large potential audience who have the opportunity to see and judge the products for themselves.


The 4.20 Cannabis Cup was born in 2018 when the 4.20 Hemp Fest officially became a 3 day trade show. The competition has been the first to take place during a trade show in Europe involving both the public and an international jury.

4.20 Cannabis Cup is a project powered by 4.20 Hemp Fest. It took place for the first time in 2018: year in which the Cannabis and its derivatives market exploded in Italy, with more than 2000 shops and producers and over 40 million in turnover, effectively consecrating light Cannabis as the product of the year 2018.


The event and its organization have been evolving. The first year, the categories had not been established yet and the jury was represented solely by the public. The organization had been done in collaboration with the Canna Swiss Cup.

The competition consolidates its standing as a reference event in the Cannabis Light Industry and the most important contest in Italy.

The 2019 edition presented a more defined structure, the introduction of categories and an international jury as well as the public jury. This edition was organized in collaboration with Erba del Conte: a Cannabis Light reviews website in Italy.


The 3rd edition will take place during the next 4.20 Hemp Fest trade show from the 8th to the 10th of December 2023 at Superstudio Maxi in Milan and it will present the same characteristics as the last edition and will introduce some surprises.

In 2019, the jury was attended by top international experts including the Guru of Italian Cannabis Franco Casalone and the most famous hashmaker in the world Frenchy Cannoli, for the first time in Italy directly from California for this occasion.


The competition will be based on 4 categories:





Registration is open to all the producers in the European Union who will be able to enter up to 3 products per category in the competition.

Companies will have to send a sample of the products to the organization by a set date and, during the 3 days of the expo, the public can vote at the 4.20 Cannabis Cup booth where the products are displayed.

In addition to the public judgment, the international jury will award the 3 best products within all the categories.

The awards ceremony will take place on the last day of the event.

The prizes are divided into:

  1. Public Jury
  2. International Jury

The public jury will choose 3 winners for each category, while the international jury will choose the 3 best products within the competition, without division into categories.

The categories will be rewarded with an exclusive trophy and with the possibility of putting the winner’s mark of the 4.20 Cannabis Cup 2023 edition on their product as a further mark of excellence.

If you are interested to take part in the 4.20 Cannabis Cup with your products, fill out the form to receive info and prices.

Location of the third edition of the international hemp fair in Milan


The first edition of the 4.20 Cannabis Cup was not divided into categories and rewarded the first 6 products voted by the public.

Although it was the first edition, public participation in the voting was very active and around 30 were competing.


The 2019 edition saw for the first time the division into categories and the introduction of the prizes of the international jury.

The 4.20 Cannabis Cup has become the reference event for the sector in Italy and in Europe and saw the participation of over 45 genetics in the competition.

Location of the third edition of the international hemp fair in Milan


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